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FREE South Carolina DMV Permit Practice Test Five 2018 | SC

You want to obtain a driving license and enjoy the freedom and mobility that driving your own car gives you – good decision. The first step on the road is taking a DMV Permit Test – and if you want to pass, you need to get ready. Here’s something to help you – check our 5th SC permit practice test brought to you online and available any time you need it. It’s a close imitation of a real DMV exam and therefore gives you a chance to have relevant experience even before having a real test. All the questions is based on the updated official South Carolina Driver’s Manual. Is it what you were looking for? Plus check this out – what you see here is not a free trial – it’s a complete 100% free test – no payments applied, no registration required. Cool, isn’t it? Then give it a try – the first question is right here (look below).
Read it and click the answer that you think is correct – you can use our hints if you’re in doubt but please remember that a real DMV test doesn’t have hints. The progress bar on the left-hand side of the screen will provide you immediate feedback by flashing either green or red. You get the idea – green means you’re fine and you are directed to the next question. Red stands for a problem, and if you don’t want to have it again, read our explanation – you might have a similar task on a real test. Carry on like this through all the 40 questions and check the final score.
Remember that you can retake our SC permit practice test as many times as you need to improve your result. If you feel that it helps you enhance your knowledge and skills, tweet your friends about our test or simply “Like” it by clicking the button above. Join the club – good luck!
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